About World to Build

World to Build was founded in September of 2018 by a few friends in college studying computer science. Meet our team! Our website initially released in alpha in December of 2018.

Our goal is to become the next MMO sandbox game where players can develop their own games and experiences. It's simple to us: we provide the tools to help players build awesome worlds and make new friends.

World to Build is still in alpha development. We make changes to our game, website, and features based on player feedback. You can contribute to that feedback by visiting us on Discord (if you're over the age of 13) or posting feedback on our community forum.

Please note: Worldtobuild.com is not associated with any previous websites that operated under names similar to ours.

If you'd like to contact us, you may find out how by visiting this link: https://corp.worldtobuild.com/about/contact‚Äč