Community Guidelines
Thanks for being a player! Part of our commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive environment includes setting and enforcing a set of guidelines for our players to follow while playing on World to Build. These Community Guidelines apply to all areas of World to Build, including, in-game chat and interaction, the community forum, and public events hosted by World to Build.
If you have not read our Terms of Service, those coincide with these Community Guidelines. To read our Terms of Service in full, please visit this link:

The Basics

We are a game targeted at a teenage audience. Some things just don't belong in that sphere. Our development and moderation team are hip youngsters and know all of the fancy lingo of this century, so please be appropriate with the content you upload, create, and post.
The following rules will detail what you cannot do on World to Build. Obviously this list is not all-inclusive because we cannot list every detail about what we expect. We ask that you use the "common sense rule" -- if you know it's wrong, we know it's wrong, and you could get suspended for it.


    Be respectful.
      Respect your fellow players. Treat them with kindness and try to see things from their perspective. If you can't come to a reasonable agreement after a disagreement, just walk away.
    Do not try to bypass filtered text or content.
      Mild profanity is allowed on our site, including in-game chat and on the Community Forum. We have a profanity filter in place to sift through inappropriate content that never belongs (like discriminatory speech and adult content), however. Do not try to bypass this filter or you may be suspended permanently. Additionally, user tags and nicknames are not allowed to have any profanity. These areas of our website are filtered more heavily than general content. Accounts with profane user tags or nicknames will be suspended permanently.
    Do not post unapproved offsite links.
      We cannot verify the security of external links, therefore we choose not to allow them. The only approved websites to link to are (and it's subdomains),, and Our moderation team will visit links posted from time to time (even to approved links) to ensure the content posted doesn't violate our rules.
    Do not share personal information about yourself or others.
      This rule includes asking for personal information -- that is also not allowed. Personal information like an address, email address, real life name, birthday, credit card number, password(s), social security number, and others should not be shared with others or asked for.
    Do not bully or harass others.
      You may not bully or harass others, for any reason, at any time. Respect is our #1 rule. This includes sexual harassment or advances made towards others. Bullying or harassing others in any manner will result in a permanent suspension.
    Don't pretend you are someone you are not.
      We know you aren't a billboard top 100 rapper, but someone else may not. Please do not impersonate anyone that you aren't, including our employees, celebrities, politicians, the government, police, etc.
    Do not create content related to tragedies or discrimination.
      This includes content that is directly discriminatory (like Ku Klux Klan robes as body parts, holocaust uniforms, inappropriate material mocking people for protected statuses, etc.). Remember rule #1 -- respect.
    No dating or relationship seeking.
      We are not a dating website, and those types of conversations often end up being against some of our previous guidelines. Please don't seek or participate in any dating here.
    No threats, towards others or us.
      We respect our players, their opinions, and their feedback. We understand sometimes it comes with criticism. The same goes with players who have differing opinions. Please do not threaten to harm others, or us, about anything at any time. All website activity is monitored and stored for safety purposes, but we don't want to use it to tackle an issue that can be avoided.
Additional rules may be posted in other areas of the website that coincide with these Community Guidelines. For example, the Community Forum has a set of guidelines of behavior expected when posting there, but these guidelines apply equally. The same goes for other rules post elsewhere.


Players that violate these Community Guidelines may be suspended. Suspensions are serious, and they go against your record as a player. No suspension is alike -- our team determines the length of each suspension on a case by case basis. Suspensions can range from one minute, to account termination.
Additionally, our team may determine to exclude you from certain features instead of suspending your account. For example, they may block you from participating in the community forum but still allow you access to other features, or vice versa.

Our Employees

Administrators and moderators are excluded from these Community Guidelines because they are governed by separate policies enacted for employees. Their actions are also reviewed by managers to ensure they are following said policies. It may appear that they are violating these guidelines from time to time, but they do not apply to our employees.
Each employee is different. No one is alike, therefore they may not know the reason for your suspension. Not all administrators are moderators, and not all moderators are administrators.
Our employees use external services to access certain features they use for safety purposes. Because of this, their last seen time on the website may not be accurate. Never assume a specific moderator suspended an account, sometimes they are lurking in the shadows.


If you have questions about your suspension, please contact [email protected]. You may also reach out to our help email if you feel like your suspension is unjustified.
Administrators and moderators have the final say in all account suspensions. Per our Terms of Service, players may be suspended at any time for any reason.
See also: Terms of Service.
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