Design Submission Guidelines

On World to Build, players can create their own 3D voxel designs in our voxel editor. Once a player creates a design, they can then request that it be uploaded to the Marketplace to be sold to other players.

Because we want to ensure a consistent quality of items on the Marketplace, our team reviews submissions for their quality and detail. This article will explain what we expect, and what you can do if your design gets rejected.

Quality Expected

These item sets are examples of quality and detailed designs that we are looking for to be publicly sold:

These are examples of designs that we may not accept for public sale:

Personal Designs

Designs that are made as signature outfits, or might be unique to you, may not be listed for public sale. Our team may choose to accept your design as a personal item, meaning only you own it and it won't be sold. We ask ourselves "Would the average player buy it? Are they getting the quality they are paying for?" when we are accepting designs to the Marketplace. This of course, is in addition to evaluating submissions for violations of our Terms of Service.

Acceptance and Rejections

Sometimes our team will reject designs that do not meet quality or detail standards for the Marketplace. This isn't to say that your design is badly made, nor is it saying that we do not appreciate your design, but we do have to maintain consistency on the Marketplace to have high-quality designs available for public sale.

Our team reserves the right to reject submissions for any reason, though we try not to do so.

You may receive an update message on your design's webpage once we process the submission. Those messages are listed below, and we'll explain a little more about what they mean.

Official Messages



"This asset did not meet quality standards or is missing detail for the Marketplace."

As seen in the examples earlier in this article, we expect designs to meet a certain quality before they can be sold to the public on the Marketplace. Make sure your designs have good detail and quality when submitting them for consideration.

"This asset is inappropriate and not allowed."

The design you submitted violated our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines.

"This asset violates our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines."

The design you submitted violated our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines.

"We are not currently accepting any submissions to the Marketplace right now."

Designs are not being accepted to the Marketplace at this time. It does not mean your design did not meet quality standards, it just means the design will need to be resubmitted at a later date.

"We received a request from you to deny this asset."

You requested the design to be rejected.

"This asset has been copied from another player or closely resembles an official item from World to Build."

Your design is a copy of another design on the Marketplace, or it resembles an official design uploaded by World to Build. We do not allow identical replicas of other another player's work.

"This asset is owned by another person or company and cannot be uploaded for copyright reasons."

Your design is copyrighted by a company or person, or is the intellectual property of a company or person.

"This asset is missing a name, description, or price which we require for submissions to the Marketplace."

Official Marketplace designs should have proper names, descriptions, and prices. World to Build staff will make minor corrections in grammar or spelling, as well as make adjustments to the design as they see fit. They will not, however, determine a name or description for designs uploaded by players.

"This asset does not fit on the avatar properly. Please remember to use a template when making your designs."

Your design does not appear to be using a template. Go to File > New Template in the voxel editor to edit a design on a template. If your design cannot fit properly on the average player, it will be rejected.

"This asset cannot be accepted at this time."

If you get this message, please contact customer support at [email protected] with a link to your design.

Message Reasons



"We reviewed your design and it was not approved, and we cannot accept future submissions of this design right now."

This message means that your design was reviewed by our team and did not fall in line with our guidelines. It also means that we decided that the design cannot be resubmitted for consideration again.

"Your design has been submitted. Check back later for an update."

This message means that your design is pending submission and no decision has been made just yet.

"Our team reviewed your design and it was not approved."

This message means that your design was reviewed by our team and did not fall in line with our guidelines. The design can be resubmitted for consideration, but we recommend making necessary changes to the design or it may be rejected.

"Your design has been approved and is on its way to the Marketplace!"

This message means that your design has been approved and is on its way to the Marketplace. It may take a few minutes for the design to show up on the Marketplace or in your inventory.


If approved, we may, from time to time, provide a commission to players on each (post tax) sale on their design. Usually this will not exceed 5%, but the number is determined by our team at the time the design is approved.

You may review your commission history to find out how much you are making on each sale of your design.


As the quality of designs increases in the future, older and less-detailed designs may be taken off from public sale on the Marketplace in their place.


If you feel that your design has been rejected in error, you may always contact us.