How To: Make a Voxel Design

Please note: the voxel editor, client and builder for World to Build are only available for Windows 7 and newer. We do not offer support for other operating systems for now.

See: How To: Install World to Build.

If you’re here, you may be interested in designing and publishing an item for World to Build! This article should help you on your journey to creating your first ever item for World to Build and how to submit it to the marketplace or for personal use (if you choose to do so).

The first thing you need to do is make sure you’re logged into World to Build. Once you’re logged in, click "My Stuff", then tap "My Designs" to get started.

Once you make it to your designs page, you’re going to want to press the "Launch Voxel Editor" button to start your first creation. Make sure you have World to Build installed on your computer. If you don’t, click here to learn how.

Once you launch the voxel editor, you will be presented with the 3D environment where you will start building your new item.

Congratulations! You are now in the voxel editor. To get started, at the top of your screen click "File", then click "New Template".


Templates are starting points that players can work off of when making objects in the voxel editor. Depending on the type of design you are interested in making, you will select Head, Body, Arm, Leg or Hat. For this tutorial, we'll be using the head template.

When a template is selected, you will notice an arrow at the bottom of the view. The arrow faces the direction in which your avatar will be rendered. Use this to help you determine the up, down, left, right, etc. view for your design.

If you would like to view your design on an avatar live, click "View" > "Mannequin Viewer" > "Show Workspace As" > "Template Type" (for my selection, I chose the head template).


These are a list of tools the voxel editor includes, as well as their function.

  1. Select Tool

    • This tool allows you to select voxels.

  2. Add Tool

    • Selecting this tool allows you to add voxels into the workspace.

  3. Subtract Tool

    • This tool removes existing voxels from the workspace.

  4. Pull Tool

    • This tool extrudes voxels on an axis.

  5. Push Tool

    • This tool intrudes voxels on an axis.

  6. Nudge Tool

    • Selecting this tool while selecting voxels will allow for the voxels to be moved.

  7. Paint Brush Tool

    • This tool will change the color of selected voxels to the desired color or hex code.

  8. Paint Bucket Tool (or Fill Tool)

    • This tool will change the color of selected voxels and their neighbor voxels if their color is the same color or hex code.


To save your design online, go to "File" > "Save Online" in the voxel editor.

Press "NEW" to save a new design, or select an existing design to overwrite. Enter the name of your design and confirm your changes by clicking the "Save" button.

You've successfully made and uploaded a voxel design!

See also: How To: Submit Designs to the Marketplace.

Please note: If you plan to submit your item for sale on the Marketplace or for personal use, our team will make sure your item is made from a template. If it was not made using a template, or is using the incorrect template, it will be denied.

Heads, bodies and hats are single piece designs, while arms and legs are made from multiple pieces. Trying to save a head, body, or hat as an arm or leg will not work.


Credit to #star, #Alyx, and #Nextrevit for creating this tutorial.