How To: Submit a Design to the Marketplace

Step 1: Create a voxel design of your own! See How To: Make a Voxel Design.

Step 2: Click "My Stuff" on the header, then click "My Designs".

Step 3: Click on the design you wish to submit.

Step 4: Verify the name and description are what you would like them to appear as on the Marketplace.

Step 5: Click the "Submit to Marketplace" button under the design's image.

Step 5: Choose a suggested price in BuildBux and/or Qbits to sell your design for. Suggested prices may be subject to change during the approval process.

Step 6: Choose the design type. Use the legend provided for help determining the design type.

Step 7: Press the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

See also: Design Submission Guidelines.