How do I identify administrators?

Administrators are employees that keep our website and game running smoothly as part time and full time jobs. Some administrators monitor content, while others build features and fix broken pages. There are a couple of ways you can identify administrators.


On player profiles, administrators will have an administrator achievement if they are an official employee.

Some administrators that are hired on later than others may have an administrator achievement that isn't directly shown on their player profile. To view an entire list of a player's achievements, click the view all button on the section where they are displayed.


In worlds, administrators will have red chat text in worlds, while ordinary players will have white text.

Community Forum

On the community forum, administrators will display a title and shield icon next to their name.

Impersonating administrators is serious and goes directly against our rules. If a player is claiming to be an administrator and does not have the administrator achievement on their player profile, please report them and our team will remove their account.

See also: How To: Report Inappropriate Content.